OEM Intergrations

Today smart phones are becoming an essential part of our everyday lives. However, it is illegal and especially dangerous to handle them while driving. It is now illegal to drive while using your phone and this is why the Apple Carplay application is a great solution to safer driving while still staying connected.

We offer a range of vehicle specific solutions to enhance the spec of your car from a reverse camera addition to integrating Apple Carplay and Android Auto functionality.

Apple Carplay & Android Auto

With many car manufacturers introducing CarPlay to their newer models, older model cars can’t benefit from the feature. We have the solution, which includes; Apple Car Play, Android Auto and Screen Mirroring options.

Our solutions transform the interior and works with the cars existing hardware.

Reverse Camera Solutions

We offer a range of vehicle specific interfaces to allow us to integrate a reverse camera into most makes and model of vehicle.

When camera integration is not possible we also have a range of discreet alternative solutions we can offer to aid your reversing.

Bespoke Audio Upgrades

With our range of custom fit speaker packages, amplifier integration systems and years of expertise  we offer a range of discreet audio enhancements to improve the sound in your vehicle without changing the aesthetics or compromising the space of the vehicle interior.

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