Fleet Tracking

Vehicle tracking from Quartix lets you see your businesses vehicles and drivers in real time using any internet-connected device. No need for additional software – everything is accessed over the web.

With our Google-backed vehicle tracking map, you can access all your vehicle and driver information, timesheets and daily route maps., so no additional software is needed to get you up and running. The system makes it easy to analyse your vehicle tracking data and generates simple to use reports, helping you identify your best drivers, make sense of mileage and fuel costs, and reduce administrative tasks.

  • Knowing where your vehicles are, 24/7
  • Getting vehicle activity logs straight to your inbox
  • Promoting safe and fuel-efficient driving habits
  • Boosting fleet productivity with vehicle tracking
  • Using vehicle tracking to set geographic boundaries and rules
  • Choosing vehicle tracking hardware
  • Complete visibility of your vehicles, 24/7

Quartix vehicle tracking lets you view the live location of your vehicles, at any time, from any device. Demonstrate maximum efficiency using our real-time GPS tracking maps and postcode lookup feature; Respond quickly to customer enquiries and divert the closest vehicle to a job.

Quartix vehicle tracking provides a record of all journeys made, with start, finish and idling times for each trip. Route maps show you the exact routes taken and the speed of the vehicle at each waypoint; A simple click displays these in Google Street View to give you a similar view to the driver.

You can even label frequently visited locations and assign your vehicles custom icons for easier identification on the vehicle tracking map.

  • Locate your vehicles 24/7
  • Stay informed of your drivers’ activity
  • Find vehicles nearest to a postcode
  • Easily track on the go with our free mobile app
  • Record all journey details and routes taken
  • High-definition footage of any trip
  • route planning

Richer information can be added to the route map, should you wish to integrate dashcam footage of the journeys your drivers make.

Quartix live vehicle tracking map features

Get vehicle tracking activity logs straight to your inbox

Stay informed with our driver logs, vehicle logs and trip reports. Quartix vehicle tracking provides reliable data that can not only help you identify where to make savings; You will also have proof of where you vehicles were at certain times, when visits were made and how long drivers spent at a location.

You can specify the information you would like to see in the vehicle tracking system and schedule these reports to be regularly mailed to your inbox in a simple Excel format.

See your fleet’s total mileage, driving hours and idling time over any period

Report on average speeds, top speeds, expected fuel use and CO2 emissions

View driver start and finish times, including all journey details

Validate overtime claims and fuel consumption

Support your drivers with accurate reports of their activity

vehicle tracking driver

Our Driver ID option allows you to monitor the behaviour of individual drivers in shared vehicles, and can be a useful way to separate business from personal mileage.

Quartix vehicle tracking activity logs

Promote safe and fuel-efficient driving habits

Training your staff to improve their driving habits is easy with Quartix vehicle tracking. Our in-depth driving style analysis gives you all the tools you will need to influence and encourage safe, economical driving behaviour. 

Unique to Quartix, our SafeSpeed data measures whether your drivers are using appropriate speeds on the specific roads they travel, compared with other drivers. This allows you to manage risk far more effectively and provides a strong indicator of road safety, more so than monitoring compliance with legal speed limits.

Colour-coded driving scores feed into several useful Quartix reports, including daily driver briefings, driving style trends and a driver league table to help you incentivise behavioural change across your fleet. Our vehicle tracking system offers everything you need to improve vehicle health, fuel costs, and most importantly, safety on the road.

  • Monitor speed, acceleration, and braking profiles
  • Compare driver behaviour scores across a group
  • Review data with drivers and track their progress
  • Promote safer and more economical driving habits
  • Reduce fuel costs, repair costs and operational costs
  • Your drivers can access their driver scores via the Quartix vehicle tracking mobile app, to actively track their own progress.

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