Heated Seats

Do you already own a car, and you would like to upgrade it with aftermarket heated seats?

Have you found a car you would like to buy but are reluctant because it lacks heated seats?

Well look no further, because AUTOSOUNDS are the heated seats experts.

Whether your car has a leather, vinyl or cloth interior we can add a heated seats system for you. The heated seat kits we fit can be used in nearly every make or model of car. The most popular being Audi, BMW and Mercedes. Just call us with your make and model. Heated seats can be fitted to the front driver and/or passenger seats in most vehicles.

Our heated seats offer the factory fitted look and feel. Highly flexible, coated heating elements are placed between the upholstery and the seat cover, without altering the shape or look of the seat. The heated seat elements are fitted to both the seat base and lower back for maximum comfort and warmth.

The temperature can be adjusted in two stages to suit individual preferences. A switch is installed for each seat, enabling both passengers to set their preferred heating level.

Benefits of heated seats:

  • Can help relieve back problems in the car
  • Warm you up quicker than the in-car heater
  • Professional installation ensures factory fitted standards
  • No change to the aesthetics of the vehicle

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